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An emulsifiable mould and shutter release oil that prevents sticking, ECONO-STRIP
will provide a smooth, clean finish on concrete, leaving moulds and shutters clean for
re-use.  ECONO-STRIP is suitable for under-cover work and exterior work, where
concrete is exposed to the elements.
ECONO-STRIP may be applied by brush, sponge, cloth or spray.
It contains a rust-inhibitor, which protects moulds from rust and corrosion.

ECONO-STRIP can be used neat or as an emulsion on timber, metal, fibreglass
and urethane moulds.  Apply the thinnest possible film.
Most applications can be treated using a mix of 1 part ECONO-STRIP to 4 parts
water.  Note:  add water to ECONO-STRIP slowly, not all at once, stirring
vigorously all the time.   Do not add the water all at once.
Prepare moulds up to 4 hours in advance of filling with cement, this will allow time
for the water to evaporate, leaving a film behind.
Mixed correctly in the ration of 1 : 4, coverage of approximately 60 sq. metres per
litre is achieved on steel moulds.
ECONO-STRIP should be mixed and used the same day.
This product is very economical, mixed and applied correctly.

Viscosity @ 40%    :  4,0            Density @ 20 deg. C :   0,848 kg/L
Flashpoint         :  76 deg. C.        Colour           :   dark brown.

Available in 20 Litre polycans and 210 Litre steel drums.

D.G.N. Manufacturing warrants that their products are of the quality represented in their product literature and are
suitable for use in accordance with their recommendations.  Since the products are used entirely under conditions
beyond the control of D.G.N. Manufacturing, this Warranty is limited solely to the quality of their products.
D.G.N. Manufacturing cannot be held responsible for consequential loss or damage.  The onus is on the user
to determine the suitability of the product by conducting his own trials.