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  • POLYFORCE PP is specially manufactured as a concrete additive to limit plastic shrinkage and control early cracking in cementitious products, typically (but not limited to):

    • Commercial, Industrial & Residential Floor Slabs
    • Bridge Decks
    • Precast Concrete Products
    • Plasters & Mortars
    • Thin Panels
    • Secondary Structural Reinforcement
    • Architectural Finishes
    • Refractory Casting Moulds
    • Marine & Hydraulic Structures
    • Shotcrete


  • Material: 100% Virgin Polypropylene Homopolymer. Chemical Abstract No: 9003-07-0

  • Fibre Type: Straight multifilament fibre

  • Density: 0.91 g/cm (ISO 1183)

  • Melting Point: 160 C (ISO 3146)

  • Fibre Diameter: 30-40m, also 18 available. Fibre count per gram: 116 000 and 333 000 respectively.

  • Fibre Length: 6 - 36 mm (12mm ex stock)

  • Colour: Natural (white)

  • Dosage: 600g 2000 g per m (dependant on engineer's specification)

  • Presentation: 0.6kg, 0.9kg, 1.0kg soluble paper packets, Cardboard boxes: 750mm x 500mm x 300 mm

Specifications above represent laboratory averages and are indicative
D.G.N. reserves the right to make technical modifications to products without notice.


  • Low cost secondary reinforcement

  • Reduces concrete cracking due to plastic shrinkage.

  • Reduces setting time

  • Improves impact & abrasion resistance

  • Increased flexural strength

  • Light, Clean and Safe to use

  • Protects primary reinforcement by inhibiting surface cracking

  • Decreases concrete permeability

  • POLYFORCE fibres reduce undesired behaviour in concrete


  • POLYFORCE PP has been specially formulated to promote fibre wetting and rapid dispersion.

  • Other fibre lengths, diameters and fibre packaging available on request.

  • POLYFORCE reinforcement actually helps inhibit the formation of cracks in concrete, whereas steel mesh only has functional value after the concrete has cracked.

  • Effective protection and curing is essential for all concrete slabs - including fibre reinforced concrete.

  • Fibre-reinforced concrete CANNOT be used as a substitute for structural steel reinforced concrete.

D.G.N. Manufacturing warrants that their products are of the quality represented in their product literature and are suitable for use in accordance with their recommendations. Since the products are used entirely under conditions beyond the control of D.G.N. Manufacturing, this Warranty is limited solely to the quality of their products. D.G.N. Manufacturing cannot be held responsible for consequential loss or damage. The onus is on the user to determine the suitability of the product by conducting his own trials.