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  • POWER MASTER air-entraining agent, with its high degree of plasticity, provides for maximum density, minimum pin holing and good finish.
  • Use of this product results in dramatically improved workability, compaction and release action, especially in dry mixes.
  • POWER MASTER is eminently suited to the block and brick-making industry and, in particular, where a lack of fines is present.
  • Improved workability results in improved compaction.
  • A noticeable effect is the easier filling and release action, resulting in increased production and reduced breakages.
  • Users may conduct their own field trials to obtain the optimum dosage rate, which would normally be in the region of 0,15% to 0,4% by weight of cement.
  • The action of easier demoulding of bricks and blocks is noticeable by the telltale smear mark on the sides of the finished product.


  • Colour :dark brown 

  • Consistency :liquid 

  • Relative Density :1,15 

  • Storage :prevent freezing 

  • Shelf Life :6 months 

  • Chlorides :nil 

  • Toxicity :non-toxic, organic product


  • POWER MASTER must be added into the cement mix simultaneously with the gauging water, for optimum distribution.


D.G.N. Manufacturing warrants that their products are of the quality represented in their product literature and are suitable for use in accordance with their recommendations. Since the products are used entirely under conditions beyond the control of D.G.N. Manufacturing, this Warranty is limited solely to the quality of their products. D.G.N. Manufacturing cannot be held responsible for consequential loss or damage. The onus is on the user to determine the suitability of the product by conducting his own trials.